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Monday, June 6, 2011

Not enough...

Sometimes... words are just not enough.
At least not my own words.
Sometimes you need more... something... or someone else to resound what is so deep... when mere words can not fully convey their depth....
To wash over you... fill you... and allow what can only be done by sitting still... silent... and then with arms flung wide... proclaiming all that you believe... and all that you are holding out for...

This song does that for me.
I have found myself in this pattern of circling around... coming back to these three things....


And for me... at this moment....

This song says it better than I can.

.... until another tomorrow.


Chris Tomlin... I Lift My Hands.

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  1. Amen! Great song and video ♥. All the pictures remind me, everything in this world is groaning for His return! Everything man made deteriorates; we are passing through on a journey to our real home. Challenges me, just as the words of one of our young adult youth leaders did when he prayed so fervently yesterday. He prayed over the new ones entering middle school and asked the LORD to remind the kids that all their friends are eternal beings! Let faith arise, so no matter what age we are, we can share hope with every hungry for Him eternal being that crosses our path.