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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For You.

I don't usually do "fly by" posts.... meaning not much thought or prayer going into them for days on end.
But today I felt like this fly by is important. I feel like there may be some who are in desperate need of hearing something that we all need to hear. Something that goes against the lies that are being spoken in our ears on a daily basis.
Let me give you a quick back story.....

On Sunday a man from our church walked up to my daughter and pulled her aside after church.
She thought he had a word for her, so as she prepared herself for it (because she has been praying for one for a while), he surprised her with two tickets to a concert that he couldn't make use of. As she shared with me what he said to her and the fact that he just handed her these amazing tickets to a well known, and well loved band, she said that she just stood there in shock. "I thought he was going to give me a word from God. I was surprised that he was asking if I wanted tickets to a concert."
I just sat and listened. I thoughtfully prayed for a moment.... and my response was this;
"First of all, what a gift! And second, you never know... God may still give you that word at the concert."
I began to pray for just that.

Fast forward to yesterday.
As we drove to our doctor appointment she shared.....
"Mom. I have to play this song for you that I heard at the concert."
And she did.
And as the words played out.... my eyes began to fill with tears.
This was her word.
He did it.
I am tearing up even now as I sit re-listening to the words, letting them wash over me.
I can tell her a million times. I can pray it over and over again. But sometimes... it takes a message from the "guest speaker" to get it through.
The fact that God used a means that seems so irregular and so outside our box just makes me want to stand in more amazement of Him.

So here it is.
Because as I sat and listened to this song over and over yesterday I felt impressed with something....
Someone out there needs to here this. Today. Right now. It wasn't just for my precious daughter.
I have posted it here for you to hear it too.

The words of this song were written for the daughters of the lead singer of Mercy Me.
He wrote it for them, and then realized that it was for everyone.
Man and woman.
We all struggle with the complexities of needing and wanting to be loved.

NO ONE can ever love you the way God can. The way He does.
I pray that you will feel it.... and know it. Because it is the truth.

The Truth.....

You are loved by the One who loves bigger and better than your wildest dreams.
He is the fulfiller of dreams. He is the One who redeems your life from the pit.
He is the One who hold you tenderly and can take more care of your heart better than anyone. Because He created it. He created you.
My heart is overcome with the huge revelation of it.
I hope your heart will be too. And that today.... you won't walk around wondering why....
Why you were born, and if there really is someone out there who loves you like your heart and soul yearns for.... begs for.... aches for.

If you only knew......

If you only knew how much.

I am praying for you today.... whoever you are.... even if it is only you.

Even if it is only for you.

You are important... enough for God to lay you on my heart. One that I don't even know. Or maybe I do.... but I don't know this. What you are going through, and what is burning deep in your heart.
But HE does.

He knows.
And He cares.
He loves you.

He loves you.

You ARE beautiful.

And He wanted you to know today that this, this is how He feels about you. This is how He sees you.
Walk with Him today. Surrender your heart today. He is the most tender of lovers... the strongest of friends... He is Abba. He is everything that you need.

Everything.... and so much more.


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