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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas.... and Love

I have decided to take a break....
Not exactly in the "break" sort of way you may be thinking... but relatively speaking.

I am going to take a break from my story.... from my past... from me.
I know this blog is about me so to speak.... but I want to take a time out from the things that can tend to get a little heavy.
They will still be there when I get back from this respite.
The memories will still be lingering.... but for now I want to focus on the "now".
And on this most special of seasons.
Oh, and my past... or my childhood... will come up. It's in-evadible during this holiday season.
But I will be focusing on the happier moments during that time. The moments that have created and shaped my love for all things Christmas.

Christmas...... just the sound of it conjures up so much for me.

But I have to be ready for it.
I really dislike walking into a store during October and seeing Christmas decorations up.
It is too soon. I feel like they are missing it. Have missed it.
It makes me realize that the majority of this world is not caring or focusing on what Christmas is really and truly about.
It has become about money.... products.... and the crazy frenzy that surrounds this time of year.
Forgotten that it is about the One who came.... who served.... who loved... and who died for us all.
Who now lives to offer hope... restoration.... grace... and most of all life.

I get frustrated then.... but when December rolls around..... I'm ready!

I want my tree up, my nativity scene set, and my Christmas music playing.... constantly.
I want to bake.... shop.... wrap gifts... and snuggle with my children on the couch while my fireplace is on and a movie is playing on the television.
I want to tell everyone that everything is going to be okay.
I want to hug people who look like they need it. I want to offer the hope that I hold deep in my heart.
I love to burrow deep in my bed with my flannel sheets and reflect on ALL the gifts that God has given and blessed me with.
I want to draw closer to Him just as He drew closer to me.
I want to remember all the good things... and forget the bad.

I..... love.... Christmas.

It is a time to reflect.... to hope.... and to look forward to what we have to hope for.

As I write this I realize that there are so many who don't think that they have that..... or in reality... don't.


But they really do.
You do.
When we hold on to our Heavenly Father..... we always have hope.
Hope for better tomorrows.
Hope for the somethings better than we have right now.
Hope that only He can give..... for restoration.... healing.... and love.
He longs to show us. Each one of us. Just how much He loves us.

It may not be in the way that we think..... or it may.
And for whatever reason... I feel that He wants to share more than ever the kind of blessings that only He can pour out..... give..... and blow us away with.


In it's purest form... in its truest sense.

From our Father above.

Let Him love you this season.

Let go..... and allow yourself to fall into His arms of grace.... into the strongest most capable hands of all.

I hope you let yourself close your eyes.... take a long deep breath..... and release it all.
And I know that if... and when you do.... you will know.
And you will feel a love like no other.
The kind of love that you have been longing to know.... to feel.
To be reminded that He is still here.... that He is still in control....

And that He loves you.

More than you know.... than you will ever know.

God bless you today.

I pray that you will take the time to stop.... let yourself go.... and let Him hold onto you.

..... until another tomorrow.


"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15

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  1. Beautiful... exactly how I feel about Christmas. Hope your season is one full of wonderful memories.