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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Home of My Heart....

I'm not sure what comes up and what that word conjures up for you, but for me it is so much.
It is more than the word implies. 
So much more.

My church has been through a lot.
I have been there since it began.
And I have come and gone.
But in the end..... it is home.
And there is no place like it for me.
I believe there is no place like it in the world.

The people are unique.
We all come from different walks of life.
Able to contribute to what has become my families safe place.
Home away from home.
Filled with faces that truly love and truly care.

None of us are perfect.
We have all stumbled and fallen. Made mistakes and done things we wish we hadn't.
We all know that. We are well aware.

But we all come together to love and serve our God who we believe is like no other.
The same God who loves us in spite of our stumbling. 
The One who sees us for what He has destined us to be and not what we have settled for ourselves. 
And we all are striving toward that..... toward Him.
Wanting more and desiring to go deeper.
Not settling for just okay anymore. And not content to wade in the shallow end.

We worship together.
Pray together.
Cry together.
Laugh, and sometimes get mad at one another.
But we forgive... And give grace... knowing we will need it for ourselves the next time.

In the end..... we know.
And I know.
As well as I know my own heart.
If I need them.... they are there.
If I am broken.... they will run and wrap their arms around me.
If I am lacking any good thing..... they pour out from their reserve. Sometimes from the last of what they have.

They are the true definition of the body of Christ.
We don't do for others any less than what we would want for ourselves.
We don't hold back the best to only give the less.
We find joy in the blessings and are broken when one of us is wounded.
We meet at the base of our alter and pour out our hearts to the only One we know that can fill them.

You can't find many places like this.
I have tried.
When I have been disillusioned and felt forsaken.
When I have been called out and then been brought back in.

This is home.
This is where my heart belongs. Where it has found it's place.
There is comfort here..... and hope.
I am met with God's presence every time I walk through the door.
I may not be in the mood, or I may be hurting and afraid.
I may even be in a state of rebellion......
But this one thing holds true..... He is there.
And I am so glad that He is.
I run in the state of my heart every time I know it is time to go.

There is no place like it.
In the world.
And in my heart.

When I am there... sitting next to the people I love the most..... 
I am found..... 
I am filled....
And I am overflowing.

I am home.

I hope you have a home too.

.... until another tomorrow.


"I love the house where you live, O LORD, 
       the place where your glory dwells." Psalm 26:8

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