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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something A LIttle Different

This is new for me.
Not the writing. I do that often and most times I never even put it to pen.
It's like breathing for me.
The words come and take on a life of their own.
But their not just made up stories. It's my life.
And the life of those around me.
Some I know well. Some I've just met. And others that I have had the briefest encounter with but left a powerful imprint on my heart.
And so this is what I will attempt to do.
To leave an imprint on the hearts of those who care to read.
But not my impression.
But the impression of the One who has left His indelible mark on my own heart.
Sharing how He is changing me, growing me, and as I said before impacting my life with those I come in contact with.
I hope you'll leave here a little changed. Or maybe at the very least given food for thought.
So thanks for coming.
I look forward to seeing where this goes.

....until another tomorrow.



  1. How exciting to be the very first comment! So I'll just say a big "you go girl!" Thanks for your example of real-ness. What an important quality for us all to be aspiring to. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks Kerry!!!! <3 Please pray for me. I only want to bring glory to God. Not me. Not anyone else. So please pray. For my passion and heart to be all His. Love you!! And I'm glad your the first one! =)
    Oh, and no worries. "REAL" is all I know how to be. ;)